Online Oboe Lessons

Online oboe lessons are for anyone who would like to have a lesson. It could be a focused consultation lesson or an adult wanting to refresh their skills. I am happy to teach any standard and any age! Obviously online oboe lessons mean I can't help adjust reeds but I can still offer advice where possible to help you. You can book a 30 min or 1 hour lesson direct from the top of this page.


About Rachel's Teaching Click this link to find out more about Rachel's teaching style.

How it works...
I will send an email prior to the booked lesson to discuss what music you are playing as the lessons work much better when I have copies accessible to me while teaching. This is also an opportunity for you to tell me a bit about your oboe playing history so I can really make the lesson as enjoyable and focused to you as possible. When you have the lesson you need to play standing sideways on to the webcam as this ensures I can see your embouchure, finger technique and posture and is where I always stand when teaching in the same room. The other thing that will really help the lesson go smoothly is with us both making sure we have copies of the music being studied and before the lesson putting all the bar numbers in. This will mean there isn't a lot of time wasted counting bars where in a normal lesson I would just point so it is time well spent before a lesson for both of us and will lead to a much more fluent lesson.

Lessons for under 18's must follow strict guidelines - please click here for more details.

The technology...
You will need to have your computer connected to the internet (rather than wifi) to ensure a good, stable connection. Headphones will be useful but not ones with a built in microphone, the computer will pick everything up that is needed. I will be using an app called Zoom (a bit like skype but better for teaching) Its easy to sign up and doesn't cost anything. Once you book a lesson I will register the meeting in the Zoom app and send an email with an invitation which has a code for that specific meeting. Here is a link to Zoom so you can register right away.

Cancelation/Reschedule Policy...

To receive a refund for a cancelled lesson you must give 24hrs notice. If you would like to reschedule a lesson, that is no problem but again you must give 24hrs notice. To cancel or reschedule please email
Thank you.

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