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RECANED Reeds (all standards from Grade 1 to adult reeds)

RECANED Reeds (all standards from Grade 1 to adult reeds)


Prices from £9.00 depending on strength of reed required.


All reeds have a U scrape, are a standard 72mm in length and are made from top quality oboe cane. PTFE tape is then put round the reed to ensure it is airtight. (I find this stays on better than cling film or goldbeaters skin but you can remove it if you want)

The main difference with these reeds is that you order the reeds for whatever grade level you are. If you don't do grades you will still be an equivalent standard and this will give you a guide for what reed to order, and if you are not sure, ask your teacher. Rachel Broadbent has been making reeds for students for many years and knows the kind of strength of reed a student of each level can work with.

What strength to order....

Only just started - beginner reed
Working for grade 1 soon - Grade 1 reed
Taken Grade 1 - Order a grade 2 reed.

This applies to each level. Once you have taken a grade, order the next strength up.


Reeds are usually despatched 12 days from ordering as these items are made to order. Recanes do take longer as reeds are tied on to your staples so then have to be left to stabilise before being scraped. If this part of the process is rushed the reeds are much less reliable. Please ensure that the staples you send are fully corked with no cork missing at all. Thank you.

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