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Oboe Reeds

I make two types of reeds for oboists, these are reeds designed specifically for young students and then reeds for adult learners and amateur players. Reeds are all hand made to order so please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery but sometimes they will get to you sooner.

Student Reeds
The main difference with these reeds is that you order the reeds for whatever grade level the player is. If they don't do grades they will still be an equivalent standard and this will give you a guide for what reed to order, and if you are not sure, ask your teacher. Rachel Broadbent has been making reeds for students for many years and knows the kind of strength of reed a student of each level can work with.

What strength to order....
Only just started - beginner reed
Working for grade 1 soon - Grade 1 reed
Taken Grade 1 - Order a grade 2 reed.

This applies to each level. Once you have taken a grade, order the next strength up.


Reed Subscriptions

You can now set up a three month subscription for reeds so that a reed (or more if you choose) can be sent to you each month. The subscription automatically cancels so you don't have to do anything. These subscriptions do give you a 5% discount on the cost of the reeds and when young students still haven't quite got used to caring really well for their reeds a regular delivery can be a very useful thing.

Adult Reeds
There are three strengths of reeds so just pick the one that sounds like it fits your level.

Intermediate - for adult learners approx grade 5 to 7 (if you are just starting out on the oboe order this level and let me know what sort of repertoire you are playing and I will be able to judge what strength reed should work for you)
Advanced - approx Grade 8, Grade 8+
Advanced Plus - This is a harder reed to allow you to scrape your reed and adjust it to how you would like it.

There is also a Reed Blank that you can order if you want to try scraping your own reed but don't want to tie them on yourself.

Oboe Reeds for sale



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