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An Introduction to Reed Making.


This is an online introductory workshop to develop the skills to be able to start tackling making your own reeds. This is the ideal workshop for someone who has never made a reed or has had a brief introduction.

Your lesson will cover

* Reed Measurements

* Tying on a shaped piece of cane

* Basic Scrape

* Finishing scrape


You will need the following equipment to take part -

Reed Thread, Shaped Cane, Oboe Plaque, Cutting Block, Easel, Mandrel, Cutting Knife (Stanley knife type) and Reed Scraping Knife.

The lesson would take place on zoom at a mutually arranged time, just let me know some possible times when you contact me to book the lesson. I will have two camera's so that you can see me talking you through what I am doing along along with being able to see clearly what I ma doing. I will send you all the details in advance of how to set two camera's up if you want to do the same but it is not essential. It is more important that you can see what I am doing than the other way round.

Lessons are 1 hour long which should give us time to cover the basics and get you making a reed that squeaks. The session will be invoiced for once a date and time has been agreed and the cost is £42.

Please email if you have any questions or want to book a session.

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