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Rachel Broadbent set up Oboe Workshops in 2020 to create a place for oboists to learn and get professional tutoring during the first covid lockdowns. During this time there was no performing or opportunities for anyone to meet and play together so creating opportunities to do this via online platforms was an important step. Since those first 3 days of workshops with Rachel Broadbent there have been many online workshops on various topics with Rachel and guest tutors. These have included Scales don't have to be Boring! with Rachel, The Cor anglais with Max Spiers, general performance workshops for adults, Breathing with Philip Haworth, Keeping in Shape with Amy Roberts and Reedmaking with Iona Walker.

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Now people are back performing and playing in ensembles again and able to do live workshops the need for the online workshops has changed. This is now time for Oboe Workshops to evolve. Over time there will be a collection of video tutorials added to this page that you can rent and watch. The first video coming to the page is Scales Don't have to be Boring! which is a workshop that has happened live in 2021 and 2022 and is now going to be a workshop you can do whenever you like. Just have your oboe and a notebook with you while you watch and you can pause the video and try things or jot down ideas at any point. Just visit the Video Workshops page to find the latest workshop video.

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