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Adult Amateur Reeds

Adult Amateur Reeds


These reeds are designed specifically for the adult amateur player.

They come in three strengths,

  • Intermediate - Perfect for the adult learner (grade 5-7)
  • Advanced - Grade 8 and beyond
  • Advanced Plus - These reeds are left a little harder so that you can adjust them to your own requirements if you are happy to adjust your own reeds.

They have a U scrape, are a standard 72mm in length and are made from top quality oboe cane. They are tied onto a mixture of new or recycled (still in excellent condition, cleaned and sterilised) oboe staples. (the cork and metal part). PTFE tape is then put round the reed to ensure it is airtight. (I find this stays on better than cling film or goldbeaters skin but you can remove it if you want) If you don't want reeds wired just leave me a message when you order.


Reeds are all handmade to order, tested and then sanitised before posting. Orders can take up to 14 days but aim to be posted within a week of order.

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